Monday, May 28, 2012

my nyc.

this is my personal new york. the view from the 35th floor, the best shower in the history of planet earth, another from my Francesca buzz, and watching celebrity ghost stories and eating crumbs cupcakes with rachel, and the best ferry ride of all time. i did a lot of things, but these are the memories that stand out the most. not your average "i went to new york cityyyyyy" photos, i know... they're just for me!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

just one from a little francesca-inspired session with myself in new york.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

chelsea + bobby

a little snippet of the lovely Chelsea & Bobby... from our adventure to find the perfect spot in downtown Denver. i have this thing about putting photos together but not stitching them... it has such an old-school, nostalgic quality to it. le sigh.

shot with the lovely carrie of carrie swails photography.

hilary + john

i know you have all seen my "american gothic" style photo of them..... but these two were so fun and so in love. not all couples will let you drive them out to the middle of nowhere, hike a mile to a giant field (that was chock full of cacti) and then not hesitate to go for it in the middle of nowhere for an outfit change. i cannot WAIT for their wedding this month!!!! without further ado, hilary & john!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

an update.

My apologies for the supreme lack of posts... life became a whirlwind that kind of swallowed me whole! Between my two vacations in the span of three weeks, my sometimes 60 hour work weeks, and the photoing I've been doing, I abandoned my lovely blog. My weekend goal is to get all caught up on life events and photo blogging before our two weddings this week.... so be expecting photos from Indiana, NYC, two fabulous couples, and a metal band, very sooooon! For now, i'm going to throw some instagram up from the last month so you can see all the serious love and fun I have going on in my life, from going back home again to indiana, to a few of a fabulous shoot we did (please note my american gothic face), my first Avery experience, and a select few from my visit to New York City.

plane ride to indiana.
so in love.
back home again in indiana.
the sample gates get me every time.
lucky number 34.
go cutters.
e.brodell and little teddy are besties.
so much happiness in this photo, my heart is just overflowing!!!

Sweet sonne and little teddy, i just die! teddy is really a show-stealer, if you can't tell.
race faces from the boys... tim, kevin, sam, and thomas. so squishable.
hilary & john's fabulous e-session
my own personal american gothic.
my boss insisted on being the first person to take me to her favorite brewery in town.
my favorite part of NYC was taking my coffee in there every morning and looking out at the skyline. so good.
sunrise in nyc from our manhattan apartment.
nyc from the staten island ferry, the cheapest way to see the skyline.
at the francesca woodman exhibit, soloman's museum.


Monday, May 7, 2012

american gothic.

too good not to share from this weekend's plethora of shoots....
anyone who knows me knows that I have a real thing for "american gothic" style photos. these two happily obliged, and with brilliant results! more of their REAL photos coming soon, i just had to get this one out there!