Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this is what we got to look at for a whole week:

it's great, right? inCREDible.

but i have to tell you... it's not as great as the good company with which we got to spend the week with. observe:

There's actual race pics to come, but this is just a happy post for now while I watch the first Elk Grove crit.

Fort wayne state TT champs

the day after the troy classic, we headed north to my parental's homestead, good ol' fort wayne (you can call it fort fun, but only if you're a true fort wayner). it has been the summer of driving, needless to say. worth every mile on the ol' jeep!!!!! photo evidence (including some pictures of my dad, so you KNOW you want to look....):

ahhhhhhhh DAD, looking chipper at 8am:

(summit city bikes shoutout, yasss):

some sweet nuvo action:

and then erik won the 1/2 category. woo hoo! stay tuned for photos from the vacation to super week, way extra fun included in milwaukee with my besties and at caroline's lake house in whitewater. P-R-O. have i said lately that i just have the best of everything????

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i would like to show everyone what a real big sweetie erik is... i get to wake up next to this amazingness every morning:

I'm back from a slight (or excessively long and overwhelmingly amazing) vacay, and i'm going to get on with photo-ing things since i've been without the web for a couple weeks!! firstly, the Troy Classic photos....
paul martin, looking extra fast:

more to come.