Wednesday, September 29, 2010

as promised, some lovin from the USGP in Madison, day 2.
also, a shoutout to and mr. ryan knapp (and, as always, the wonderful fiance erik) for linking to me on their respective sites/pages. it's those little things that get me so excited sometimes!
first, the lovely nicole borem in ye olde women's race:

and please don't mind the weird scatteredness of these photos; they are actually in chronological order, though i'm sure it will look like they aren't... for some reason I started with the middle of the pack and went forward.

the run up goodness:

i liked this great angle at the barriers, and i just kept going back:

kabush, before getting naked for his post-race interview at

all in all a great day.

i'm thinking i'll have more to post tomorrow after i spend some time in riveting ashley and hudson, indiana. what? you've NEVER heard of ashley or hudson? ....shocking. not. although i discovered today that there's some very shootable places there; after family obligations tomorrow i may wander around a bit. i just hope i don't come across an extra volatile meth lab (as we all know, rural indiana is plagued with meth labs) and blow up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

something that i found

so there's this pretty sweet stats section that appeared on blogger at some point... and i just now noticed it. but it tells you referring sites and all sorts of other seemingly useful things. BUT apparently I've been getting traffic referred from , so i decided to see how the hell that was happening.
i swear, sometimes i wonder how people find this stuff! BUT molly posted a link to my blog here in the photo section of the website because of the photo from this entry back in december when erik and i were at the USGP in portland. incredible! so, a big thank you to molly, and i have more where that came from, especially after this weekend in madison. which i will post today, i promise.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Madison pre-race.

USGP day 2, a little pre race wonderfulness...


knapp: "i'm resting."

who needs embrocation? sherer's got it covered.

who wants to smell like tim johnson?

tim johnson or tims johnson? ha.

...drugz... or nose spray.


z - i told you you'd regret this face... scared:

race photos to come.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a morning in madison.

also, may i add that there's a better wireless signal at the racecourse than there was in our hotel.
USGP day 2 photos later, when the races actually happen.
made the long journey to madison, wisconsin...
the fruits of mine and erik's labors, haha:



, followed by fabulousness at olive garden, i mean chilis, i mean buffalo wild wings. someone wasn't thinking ahead, planning a home football game and a USGP weekend at the same time; everywhere had a crazy wait!! it all worked out though.