Wednesday, September 29, 2010

as promised, some lovin from the USGP in Madison, day 2.
also, a shoutout to and mr. ryan knapp (and, as always, the wonderful fiance erik) for linking to me on their respective sites/pages. it's those little things that get me so excited sometimes!
first, the lovely nicole borem in ye olde women's race:

and please don't mind the weird scatteredness of these photos; they are actually in chronological order, though i'm sure it will look like they aren't... for some reason I started with the middle of the pack and went forward.

the run up goodness:

i liked this great angle at the barriers, and i just kept going back:

kabush, before getting naked for his post-race interview at

all in all a great day.

i'm thinking i'll have more to post tomorrow after i spend some time in riveting ashley and hudson, indiana. what? you've NEVER heard of ashley or hudson? ....shocking. not. although i discovered today that there's some very shootable places there; after family obligations tomorrow i may wander around a bit. i just hope i don't come across an extra volatile meth lab (as we all know, rural indiana is plagued with meth labs) and blow up.


mcc said...

Hey Caitlin, what lens were you using for those run up shots? Pretty sweet...!

polity of man said...

it was a wide-angle... i borrowed it from my dad a little while ago, and i think I'm a liiiittle obsessed with it! Glad you like it too!