Thursday, September 16, 2010

meet Ray Jordan.

or, as he explains it, he's like "a ray of sunshine over the jordan river."
we spent a long time talking. it turns out that he lives out of the truck he parked in front of my house, he believes that no one should be fat, and he explained to me how everyone should go on a "welch's grape juice fast" for health. he also told me about how animals can't live without love. he also told me all about some things in the bible, but then instead of quoting the bible, he quoted edgar cayce "readings" as "proof".
but my favorite part is that i listened for a long time. then, when i asked if i could take his picture, he looked at me like i was a nut job. it's possibly my favorite expression people give me. he was very confused.
a winning morning so far.

(also, i found the "Welch's grape juice" fast he was talking wow.)

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