Tuesday, September 28, 2010

something that i found

so there's this pretty sweet stats section that appeared on blogger at some point... and i just now noticed it. but it tells you referring sites and all sorts of other seemingly useful things. BUT apparently I've been getting traffic referred from mollycameron.com , so i decided to see how the hell that was happening.
i swear, sometimes i wonder how people find this stuff! BUT molly posted a link to my blog here in the photo section of the website because of the photo from this entry back in december when erik and i were at the USGP in portland. incredible! so, a big thank you to molly, and i have more where that came from, especially after this weekend in madison. which i will post today, i promise.


AH said...

Oh no, you did NOT just refer to Molly as "he," did you???

polity of man said...

what!? i did!?! no way.