Tuesday, December 15, 2009

so here's the goods from the portland trip (at least the edited and nice looking goods)...
best of the denver airport long exposures:

waking up early the next day:

one has to carry around a hairdryer so that you always have flowy hair:

a stop on mount hood to do some picturing:

(the only good ttv photo i got there):

exploring portland...

stop for some mirror pond, behind the penny mart (on stark i think):

selections from the 2 days of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross:

(the molly cameron):

(knapp, killin it):

(barry wicks):

(knapp again, being pro):

(me looking sassy):

view from the top of the cemetary on burnside:

bye bye breakfast:

(so i like american gothic):


house of vintage:

pittock mansion's epic view:

we love.

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