Monday, December 21, 2009

i have some things to mention. my external hard drive crashed and burned, and everything i had on there is lost unless i pay someone hundreds of dollars to scrape it off. it was the ruination of my evening in fort wayne.
i got a new phone! HTC droid eris and it is amazing. but a disturbingly low amount of people have called and/or texted me.
i know a ton of people visit my blog. but no one ever comments. weird.
also, i pulled the 6 am shift on new year's day. FML.
i got to ride this weekend, finally.
ugh i'm heinously behind on christmas shopping. it is time to rectify that immediately.

it's been a christmas event filled week.... the NUVO holiday party in indianapolis was thursday and i put on my party dress and had a lovely time. however, everyone got a free present and there were approximately 8 copies of "Drag Me To Hell" under there. Erik and I both opened one of those. fail. it was a great time though, i like seeing kate and david and everyone. 
kirkham's christmas party was last weekend, and it was good times had by all, however vargo forgot to inform erik that there was dressing up involved so we were not exactly dressed for the occasion.

to preempt the new year discussion, i've been looking back already on the ridiculousness that this year brought me. i started it literally the most unhappy that i have ever been, and am ending it happier than i've ever been. isn't it funny how things work like that?
look for a list of things i learned this year to come.

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