Saturday, December 19, 2009

i got the thing i ordered for my dad in the mail today and i was so excited. this is the first christmas in 3 years that i feel back to my old self about it.

doing some research. not sure where it's going to get me or why i started doing it, but it's shaping up to be a weirdly accurate (though not a common) argument with a lot backing it. god, maybe i can get someone to pay me to write it as a dissertation and get a phd someday. hahahhaha i couldn't even think it and not laugh.

spent 2 hours today at the library listening to people argue circularly and not actually get very much further than they already were. it was about the future of the youth services bureau and moving probation officers into offices in the administrative side of the shelter and the board of judges taking control of YSB and the shelter. i wanted to smack some of the people, others i wanted to applaud... not because i agreed or disagreed with them, but because they presented rational arguments and raised important questions, some even without a bias.

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