Thursday, November 26, 2009

one week and i'll be boarding a plane to see my best friend.
i've never been so excited in my life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i don't exactly know about today.
i decided to dye my hair. which i'm precisely in the middle of.
i can't find my nine west black heels. like it matters; i never dress up anymore.
tried to find places to live in august. not very successful.
realized i missed the fall. i don't think i saw any colorful leaves. redbuds are my favorites.
i know the 2 people who read this don't care about any of this... when i feel motivated to sort through the 996 photos from this past weekend's 2 CX races and all (just to narrow it down to like 10 pictures), they'll go up on the blog. but i'm shockingly unmotivated. sigh.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OVCX columbus.
long drive, good day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

as promised, photos from the you and me day i so thoroughly enjoyed last sunday... we've never had a day where neither of us had anything to do; total freedom!
started out with breakfast at the bakehouse, so so wonderful (ran into the kids i nanny for, and everyone had to have a look at erik's tiger tattoo because the 2 year old just RAVES about it to the rest of the family, haha). then we went for a long ride, which turned into a way long ride due to angry setbacks at the beginning. angrybear/frustratedbear fixing a wheel:

it was a rough start to the ride, but it all went so well; i had tons of fun and i rarely ride on the west side of town.

we went to the firetower in hoosier national before it got all dark and shit.

erik looking pro, trying to take a picture with the seagull:

wandered around a trail for a little while:

even found some dead trees, courtesy of the emerald ash borer. in case you're unaware, this is what the beetle does to the soft tissue of a tree when it is killing the tree:

yeah. badnews. it looks cool but it killz treez.
dinnered ourselves at scotty's. it was an excellent day all around.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i went blogger AWOL for a minute. 'scuse me, it won't happen again. i went and lived some life and forgot to update the blog.
what'd i miss writing about...hum...
last weekend i got to enjoy the presence of a ms. rachel ricketts (YESSSSS!) but only went out with her one night instead of tailgating :(.
a number of things happened, including an angry bear of an erik threatening to throw one of ricketts' loud friends that i was hosting down the stairs. badnews. photos of a good saturday:

so erik skipped his race on sunday and we had a you and me day and it was amazing. pictures to follow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 jobs. i'm over it.

one more shift at big red. and then i'm done forever. i just can't do it anymore, what with all the creeps... for some reason it's worse now than it's ever been.

leeching wireless on a playground and it's awesome.

i may have found my maternal instinct, however, i'm just choosing to ignore it until i need it. but it has a possibility of existing, so that's great news.

photos from a good weekend at cincy: