Saturday, November 14, 2009

as promised, photos from the you and me day i so thoroughly enjoyed last sunday... we've never had a day where neither of us had anything to do; total freedom!
started out with breakfast at the bakehouse, so so wonderful (ran into the kids i nanny for, and everyone had to have a look at erik's tiger tattoo because the 2 year old just RAVES about it to the rest of the family, haha). then we went for a long ride, which turned into a way long ride due to angry setbacks at the beginning. angrybear/frustratedbear fixing a wheel:

it was a rough start to the ride, but it all went so well; i had tons of fun and i rarely ride on the west side of town.

we went to the firetower in hoosier national before it got all dark and shit.

erik looking pro, trying to take a picture with the seagull:

wandered around a trail for a little while:

even found some dead trees, courtesy of the emerald ash borer. in case you're unaware, this is what the beetle does to the soft tissue of a tree when it is killing the tree:

yeah. badnews. it looks cool but it killz treez.
dinnered ourselves at scotty's. it was an excellent day all around.

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