Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloomington Crit photos, as promised...

the rosenbargers in full force! beth's glasses of awesomeness:

tracy, putting down watermelon:

sasha weilding a gargantuan knife:

beth chatting:

caughlin and kirkham discussion:

kate doing what she does:

erin, kitted up and waiting:

aaron and jim discuss:


the finish of the 3/4s race:

ren-jay really wanted to take photos of fowler fixing his flat:

erik has a secret desire.... and it's... bennetti?

race photos:

it slowly became a game to see who could stick their tongue out at me during the race... chartier:

sherer got the tongue out:

hazel dominates:


it appears that weston is trying to pick me up. haha:

good time had by all.

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