Thursday, July 1, 2010

GREAT wonderful day yesterday.
1. I slept in. WHAT?! i know, right? I wasn't even sure sleeping in existed anymore.
2. I rode to the Bakehouse with Hazel. Riding everywhere puts a smile on my face and muscles in my legs! Saw Katy R upon arriving and had excellent coffee to wake up.
3. I rode to the bank and deposited money. This is an important point because I have not deposited much lately and I now feel much more responsible having earned moolah instead of spending it.
4. Rode to meet Hazel and Kristina at Soma for a second Hazel hangout, 1st Kristina hangout. Cockroaches (and sorority hairspray) were discussed. Wireless was used. Bloomington Velo-News was read. Nice couches were sat upon.
5. Traveled a far distance up a flight of stairs to have lunch with Kristina and Hazel at Laughing Planet, and relocated outside to eat our yummy lunch. Sunshine was enjoyed (and then we nabbed a shaded table when someone abandoned it), good food was had.
6. I got to see Erik on my way to work, always always a plus as he is lovely.
7. I went to work where I asserted my authority to a sometimes sassy coworker, and all went swimmingly.
8. Rode home. Upon returning home i was surprised with my very own 22ouncer of fat tire and a trip to the arboretum to hang out and get realquality Erik time under zee stars.

I must say.... It was a somewhat perfect day (apart from the lack of photographic documentation of said day), and those are hard to come by.

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