Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back in the glory days of college, I used to be the BWOC (Big Woman on Campus?) when it came to campus tours. Step back, you're looking at the Tour Guide of the Year for 2008.

Needless to say, every single time I pass by a campus tour I ALWAYS look to see if it's being led by someone I know. Because I'm so far removed from campus events anymore (woe is me), it's often the case that it's never EVER anyone I know nowadays (that whole getting elderly thing).

So, yesterday, I was riding home down 7th street through the middle of campus and saw a nice big tour group. I did my usual... I slowed down to an awkwardly stalkerish pace, craning my neck around so I could see who was talking to the group.

Incredibly enough, it was Marni and Brandi, two admissions directors in the office, that were giving the tour. We go way back... so I stopped and said "AHHH HIIII" in my usual way, and Brandi just blurts out, "Oh goodness, this is Caitlin, she used to be a tour guide! Why don't you give this stop?" What was I supposed to say, no? So I did it. And it was AWESOME. I can't believe I still got it (people were asking questions left and right)... although part of me feels like I'm a long-retired baseball player who is on their deathbed and just got asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on my 85th birthday. I got humored a little. But it felt goooooooooooood.

Sometimes, I feel pro. I'll have you know they offered to let me give tours this summer.
I'd feel like SUCH an old person doing that. Tour Guide of the century, here I come.


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