Friday, July 4, 2008

dope vs. wack


i can't believe it's joo-lye. i feel as though i've done nothing productive all summer (despite the face that i work 3 jobs, i guess). but then i remind myself that its still summer for 2 more months. i'm not as poor as i once believed i was, so that's amazing.
pat found me a pretty cool old polaroid land 100a and i am thoroughly happy about it.
last night was crazy... i met a roadie for lifehouse at the bird (hahah i know right) who turned out to be pretty awesome and got me in for free and i saw a little of the tour bus too. yay.
i'm being insane and normal and ME again, having fun. today i remember what i used to be like. and i missed me.
II - struggles
a. need a place to live in a month
b. the mental image i have of being up on that fence, hitting people with a large stick
c. financial aid is nonexistant for the time being; the feds need to figure this out.
III - next
i think i'll see "wackness". i'm also going to read more chuck palahniuk because it's enjoyable. i'm also planning on continuing to be myself because i really like it. a lot. i'm going to get through 554 US (2008), district of columbia v. heller, because i love the supreme court and i love legal jargon. also, per my talk tonight with matt, i'm going to enjoy being up on that fence because "one day i will break. and people will find out i'm not actually that funny" according to him. which is true i suppose. i also will continue my picture taking because it's been good lately and i'd like to continue it. naturally, the seagull will be the main player in this scenario.
IV - last
When the vapour hits the air
When the button feels your touch
It's fall just like you sense
It'll fall just like you sense
Into some forgotten sea
Where the envy and the hate
Swim around in figure eights
Swim around in figure eights
We descend so easily
Give it up for short-term memory
Fight your nature if you can
And hope for heaven where we land
All the arms around you now
Could they ever catch you then
First you tell me not to fret
Then you frighten me again
Can't you listen to the beast
Can't you do with any less
I was only getting dressed
Now I'm gettin dissaffected and
You're the brother and the beast
You're the friend I knew the best
Can't you listen to the past
Can't you let the sickness pass
It'll fall just like you said
- halloween.alaska

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