Monday, February 9, 2009

keeping busy.
i forgot how wide-angle my pinhole is. i have neglected it for too long, i've forgotten how to use it! i need to use it more; i feel like i have to relearn it every time i use it. i want to get clear pictures like i did before only i'm not sure i EVER got super clear pics. hm. anyway. there you go, the product of a day's little expedition:

i could do with a nap.
i could also do with some foods.

also saturday night was phenomonal; i hit the root cellar at farm and ran into geraint who i introduced the brit to. it's a funny situation. then we took the drunk bus home and there was a couple of DZ's on the bus (one of them showed her cooch around) and 5 guys who all became a chorus singing the west ham soccer song from the green street hooligans movie.
it was like the twilight zone.

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