Thursday, February 25, 2010

this morning...

piss poor quality. i'm without photoshop capabilities, though... so it'll do for right now.
i got my ticket extended (yesss i don't have to drop that 200 bucks until late march now, gives me time to save it, lol).
i feel like such a terd. i caused a problem i didn't want to.
i wish spike still showed unsolved mysteries all day. i miss it.
the other day, i found a list of things i'd planned to do before i turned 24. i have done none of them. among them were have an actual haircut (don't judge), have a plane ticket for europe in hand, and have a new body of work.
i've been told my blog posts are depressing. i don't mean them to be. i have a greatwonderfulawesome life complete with lovely friends of all kinds. i guess when i sit down to actually muse about things, it turns out to be things i've been seriously pondering. which can seem negative, i suppose.
list of happies (yes angie, please make fun o this):
-L5 track is open
-hazel's birthday is tomorrow
-hair dyeing later to become a ginger again
-race season starts extra soon

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