Sunday, February 20, 2011

i got to spend my birthday with the best people on the planet... there were a few besties missing (thanks to geographic disparity between us all) but it was a good day. some select photos from the surprise party at caroline's house...

not sure.


mike claims that layla loves beer, and that she has a long tongue. this proves both:

the wonderful jim kirkham came!!!!

layla = spoiled.

all our dogs make out with each other, no big deal.

this is lovely.

sadie jo loves peanut butter!

their friendship, no words necessary, haha:

sasha brought me a wonderful present... he has been experimenting with melting and reforming crayons in silicon molds (it's that teacher in him!!), and he brought me some pieces of roman architecture in convenient crayon form. that guy:

sadie jo looooves mike!

a good birthday.

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