Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's that time again.
the best time of the year.
little 500 season is now full blown.
i've always had good reasons to love spring in Bloomington, and i'm thrilled that I just keep adding on to those reasons every year.

qualifications were saturday, and although i felt like crap towards the end of the day, it was magical to see everyone i love all in one wonderful place. i'm going to skip a coherent review of everything and leave you with a list.
*the fowlers!
*hipster glasses
*jimmy kisses
*"are you sure? hamilton LOVES you"
*ZBT quals and calling their lawyers
*anything that was said in the pressbox
*"can we share body heat?"
*"osterman is my hero"
*"My quals run is 'Kilroy's, Nicks, Upstairs, Kilroys'."

it was just a wonderful day (and a wonderful night before) full of wonderful people.

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