Thursday, April 21, 2011

small goals, small accomplishments. they mean everything.
i ran a 23:40 5k today.... one step closer to the goal of sub 22 i made myself a month ago.

but this leads me to an absurd realization.
somewhere along the way, i became very rigid and schedule oriented.
...for real? i had no idea i was capable of such a thing.

my parents will tell you.... they couldn't PAY me to use a planner in high school and middle school, and i'm pretty sure i did without one for the first couple years of college.
but oh my god if you saw my google calendar now, you'd probably break out into a cold sweat.
i schedule EVERYTHING.
i even made my own excel file with to-do lists for wedding-related crap each week up until we get married.
i have a "work" gcal (that encompasses all the jobs i have), an "erik races" gcal, a "personal" gcal, a "little 500 events" gcal, a "school" gcal and a "wedding" gcal, all in the same space.
and today, kristina and i decided to attempt our first half-marathons. which means another schedule for running to make sure i'm doing it right up until we run.

i gotta tell you...
it's getting pretty cramped.

i love to fill up my time.
but i think it may be time to start emptying my calendar of some things and prioritizing everything else to unclutter my life and make sure i'm living just a little simpler and with a little better quality.

here's hoping.

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