Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it's been a whirlwind of a summer.
it all went so quickly.
lots of love all around me. lots of love, i'm so grateful.
i was going to give a rundown of all the things that happened, but it was just a lot of work. as in, excessive amounts of work. it was really just work and mini tragedies all throughout july. wedding nightmares: lost the reception venue, lost my veil, had to write off a real honeymoon; life happened all over the place. personal nightmare: found out i'm highly allergic to mold when we discovered our house was full of it, causing a last minute hectic move the week before our wedding (which i'm still not sure everything is moved in really) and a lawsuit from us to them, thankyouverymuch.
somehow, SOMEHOW, i managed to stay sane, but barely. i only have everyone in my life to thank for helping me, helping us. with all that chaos, i made important time for important people.

this is all for now.... the great jim kirkham officiating our wedding, making us "11" (way better than just 1).

i love love.

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