Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a little post to say how excited I am... Tom, Kerry, and Lyle all decided on photos to blow up for the wall at the Bake House and there's a nice big spread of my photos there now, so honored to be on the wall at one of my favorite places!!! (thank you Tom for this photo!!)

Also, Summit City redid their bathrooms with some of my photos, yay.... and they chose one to blow up friggin huge for their new Trek Project One room, check it out! (thanks to James Holm for getting this photo for me, so good!)

On a little side note, I discovered Tapas hour at the Med yesterday here in Boulder, and I am now obsessed.


Robin Yourgrave said...

Congrats on all those pictures! Awesome lady. Simply awesome :) PS--if you ever make it out to Portland, there's a great tapas place we have to go to! Tasty & Sons, anyone?

polity of man said...

DUDE, you don't even know... i LOVE portland! I went 3 times in a year a few years back. It's next on my list of places to visit; my bestie lives there! I'll totally hit you up!

John said...

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Nicole Borem said...

Always, always have to use the lady's room now at scb thanks to your fabo photos! Thanks for having such a sweet talent!