Wednesday, August 1, 2012

must remember to be a better blogger... i'm behind by a whole month!!!!! and it's not as if nothing has happened, it's that EVERYTHING has happened in the last month! in one of my (in)famous recapping posts i'm going to roll over all the wondrousness of june and july, all at once.

hilary and john got married, and it was wonderful.

I visited the Yves St Laurent retrospective with my friend Grace and her roommate/mom Nina (and it was SO incredible, words don't really do it justice.... the swatches were everywhere and oh so beautiful) and then the same day attended my first ever Rockies game and baked myself to a crisp in the bleachers.

I finally got a new bike (now if it would only be put together and rideable, I'd be the happiest girl ever!).

 Then, 2 super fabulous weddings happened in the very same weekend; Kelly and Justin in Estes Park (OMG THEY DID AMERICAN GOTHIC!) and Kari and Cody right here in Boulder.... so much love all around!!

I went climbing for the first time ever with my captain, my rock... my lovely boss Angie (and LOVED IT!!!!!!) and had some serious adventures in Denver. The lovely Meredith and Davis got hitched atop a mountain overlooking the continental divide with 30 of their nearest and dearest; I feel privileged to have been among them.

Jenny and Jesse got married in Vail (omg too gorgeous for words).

The wonderful Rachel and Aaron decided to have their 5 year vow renewal and I'll be darned if they aren't just the best thing ever (and he just got a permanent job offer from Ball, yay).

The Ostermans got married and Erik was in the wedding.... what a perfect reason for a trip back home. SO GREAT!

Loving life and getting excited for all the things that are ahead; I have this feeling that my life is finally getting started. Looking forward to this week as we settle into our new place (moving day was yesterday) and have our 1 year anniversary. Life is good.


Rachel said...

I had no idea you were so swamped! Thank you again for shooting our vow renewal. We adore all the pictures, and love that we'll have something beautiful to remember the day by. You are very talented!!

Rachel said...
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