Sunday, November 23, 2008

there's a little bit of slide lovin, from the summer months. i found it and scanned it in today while i'm sitting here bored in the lab.

saw a led zeppelin cover band last night and they were great; ran into cas there and we chatted photo talk a little bit and he was like "yeah you really like the archaic methods" and he's right. i can't help it, i'm addicted to film and alt processes. i really just cannot help myself.

i found a fixie frame, it's an '08 SE Lager (i'm now obsessed) and i'm throwing a kinesis alloy fork on it once i find a nice cheap one.

new favorite website is the mash where you can see all listings from all over the internet on things.... bikes being the most important one, ha.

i've been searching for a bianchi pista. for cheap. bahahaha it doesnt exist. anyway. i'd KILL for a chrome '08 or '09 pista frame. the pista is gorgeous, no?

things work themselves out.. and friday night, no one took it to heart i don't think. so that's great. i also, as a side note, thought i lost my oakleys when really i just wore them into rachel's car on friday night and helpfully left them in her glovebox. it's better than me losing them.

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