Friday, November 28, 2008

went to the turnley exhibit at the art museum. and it was wonderful, as expected. i kept trying to separate peter from david, but it was so hard; i mean they had all the photos labeled as one or the other, whoever photographed them. but they were so young and it was the first thing either of them did photographically, so there was no discernable style differences between the two.

on my way in to the art museum a woman in acid wash jeans told me she liked my argyle sweater.
and then a man smoking by the door said he liked my 4 dollar sunglasses.
apparently my outfit was a hit.

i snuck over behind the old factory on masterson and took some photos. with the seagull. in my sassy outfit. the sun was going down and it was pretty good lighting.

waited around downtown and saw the santa claus lighting ceremony, which i've never seen before. that silly light up santa sleigh with 24,000 lights has been up on the old wolf & dessaur building downtown every christmas season of my life and i've never once seen the lighting ceremony. so i stayed around and watched it. i was there alone and it was cold. but it was worth it. i narrowly avoided being interviewed by news channel 15, they're like vultures i tell you... they got the woman next to me.

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