Thursday, May 27, 2010

dinner with vargo as a last hurrah at upland with a lot of good people (sasha/caroline/chris/mike/hazel/many others):

breakfast with kate r at the bakehouse this morning. i think i live the most amazing life ever. whenever i go there, there's someone there to eat with/talk with/laugh with.

skipping stones & careless by amos lee. good songs that i heard on pandora today.

mishima yukio's last words: "human life is limited; but i would like to live forever." i think they're good ones to live (and die) by.

iowa tomorrow for 4 races in 4 days... maaaaybe i will be selling some photos to which would be phenomenal!

i just took one of my amazing mid day showers. there isn't anything better i don't think.

kristina is back HOORAY!!!!!!!

recovered from my long weekend (it only took till thursday, jeez).
i was looking at lenses and i called cord camera and they don't stock any dslr lenses. what kind of a camera shop is that? i was ready to walk in and spend the paycheck i will get today. too bad for them.

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