Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i had mixed emotions this weekend.
i got the call on friday that could have been great news. it was not great news. now i know what it's like to literally pour all of your free time and energy into something, something you think matters, and then realize suddenly that your best isn't good enough. i just don't know how to excel at my job, and it's frustrating. so i'm sad a little. so bad news, i did not get promoted to a full-time position (which would, ironically, be less hours a week than some weeks that i've worked lately).
but this weekend something great happened. it just so happened that Geraint got to write race reports for Snake Alley and Melon City for Podium Insight and my photos went up on the site to accompany his reports!! so exciting. like, seriously. super stoked. it's a big deal! whee! so i have spent a good portion of today attempting to sort through the 5000 photos I took this weekend. some of my favorites will go up hopefully later tonight (the computer meera has lended to me is good but it is a little older, so it's taking me a little while to get through it all!)

while it was a weekend that started with bad news, it's slowly swinging upwards towards great things. as linda put it this morning, so positively, at breakfast: "i hope that because you got denied the position, something you couldn't have done if you had gotten it opens up... a better job opportunity, or the opportunity to go on a great adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime."

i really do live the most amazing life, with the most amazing people in it. thank you to everyone who made this weekend one of those times when i looked around and thought to myself how incredibly lucky i am.

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