Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I may or may not be devoid of all imagination.
it is a serious problem. i was forced to play "house" yesterday, which turned into playing "school." Now, this is all fine and good, but how is a 24 year old expected to pretend there's 10 kids in a classroom (and by classroom, i mean a designated 5 foot square area of any given playground that may or may not be classroom shaped), and that i have to know what is going on with all of them?
I got so stressed out.
I decided i would "be" all the "teachers" and "playing school" ended up turning into an improv routine wherein i adopted different accents for each teacher and said things like "charles, stop picking your nose" to get a laugh out of the kid.
It was exhausting.

I've decided imagination at our age is useless to us, unless it serves as a way to make a living, make ourselves money, or make someone else money.
creative thinking is only useful if it serves society's purposes.
i guess i'm okay with that based on the fact that playing "house" stressed me out.

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portlandpollyanna said...

Your imaginary teacher character is my everyday reality.