Monday, June 28, 2010

i've spent a lot of time counting down minutes today.
the indiana driver's safety course (aka defensive driving) assigns a minimum time to read each "chapter" of their course online. so even if i read it and it takes me 3 minutes (and i've read it all, mind you), they assign it 12 minutes. so frustrating. it has a little minute counter downer in the corner.
i wish i had my camera. it's just so nice right now. i'm at soma leeching wireless so i can do said driver's safety course. rode my bike everywhere the last few days, it feels great.

i ran a 5k on saturday morning completely randomly. kristina texted me friday evening and said "what are you doing at 8am tomorrow?" when i replied "aboslutely nothing," she informed me that i was, in fact, running a 5k in the morning and that she would report to my house to pick me up at at 7am.
a great time was had with kristina, katie, and kate (PLEASE read her recap at her blog, when i speak of her to people i often reference that she is an absolute RIOT. everything out of the girl's mouth [including her blog and tweets] is hysterical).
my legs STILL hurt.
hurts so good. i like it when my muscles remind me they still work.
also, i stole this heinous photo of me and kristina afterwards from kate's blog as well... i was trying to look strong, but ended up looking a little lost and confused. please laugh a lot:

headed to Cincinnati on saturday, resulting in photos on podium again, EXCELLENT.
i know you wanna see the photos here... also, i'm slightly sad that podium insight doesn't follow me on twitter, even though i've contributed to their site 3 times now. lol, i can't believe i had that thought because twitter isn't real.

also, something else great happened; riders' collective magazine contacted me about a photo i posted 6 months ago on my blog of pro cyclocrosser Molly Cameron at the portland USGP and using it in their july issue. which is sweet... a link to come when it's available. photo sampleyness:

my faja came to bloomy yesterday and it was lovely. hung out at the bakehouse, hung out at oliver, hung out at upland. it was what i call a winning day. evidence:

winning weekend.

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