Tuesday, June 15, 2010

many-many-apologies for not having photos of Iowa races up yet. Shockingly, I haven't finished going through them all.... Caroline won her first race (!!!) YAY. lots of good things happened. but there's a couple thousand photos i've been going through. if you're waiting, my apologies. maybe tonight.

Updateys indeed...
i have another first for the year of 2010... first MLB game. saw the cardinals play last night on a whim as our last part of our you and me day in STL. i did not get erik to go to the top of the arch, however... perhaps someday, though it doesn't seem likely. i hate seeming like a tourist, but here's some phonephotos in lieu of real photos.

i also decided clark, of lewis and clark, has the spelling and grammar skills of a 10 year old:

erik got 2nd overall in the tour of red river gorge (and won the time trial stage) and got in the money this weekend at NRC Tour De Grove. good things.
my photos are here: http://www.nuvo.net/nuvo/red-river-gorge-stage-race/Slideshow?oid=1388217

win all around.

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