Thursday, June 24, 2010

i may be extremely immature, much like chandler from friends.
example: in the YSB, we play a game called the 'settlers of catan.' it is a less than popular board game that is INCREDIBLY entertaining. i think more people should play it and i am considering buying my own. anyway. you use resource cards like wheat, wood, sheep, ore, etc to build the biggest settlements and win the game. i just cant help it, i piddle a little every time a resident say they have "a lot of wood" in their hand of cards. or "does anyone have wood?" i just laugh inside and am so mad that i have to remain straightfaced in order to maintain shelter appropriateness.

example: also. the other night a resident had a visitation with family and this resident came into the office afterwards and said "oh yeah, my brother said you were hot". i think i made the most awkward face in the world. i stammered and said "oh...uh...i...eesh." pause. "so i'm really sorry i'm so awkward but i just don't know how to react to such things." the resident stared at me for much longer than necessary until i blurted out "well. tell him i said thanks. or something. i think." what do you SAY to that? so.terribly.awkward. eesh.

sidebar: i may start a new blog. just because. maybe i won't. i will leave you with a photo from the top of the parking garage. the only one from the session that now exists due to a massive memory CF card failure. sadface. and it's dark. no photoshop. more sadface.

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