Sunday, June 20, 2010

yesterday was a thoroughly amazing day.
had a lovely breakfast with erik at the bakehouse to start the day.
had a walk around the Arts Fair on the square and finally bought this photo i've been seeing at little bloomington fairs for so long:

it's called "the last recital". it is a fitting name for this picture that i just keep seeing. it's too perfect. and he had a 5x7 of it and i just had to buy it. got to talk to the photog, kyle spears, and we chit chatted. i always feel like i sound like an amateur (or like a total terd) when i talk to someone seemingly more successful than me. but it was a good talk and i discovered that all of his black and whites are done in a darkroom still, which made me so happy to hear. next time i sign a lease, a 2 bathroom is a MUST so i can start doing that. haha. poor erik, to be subjected to the darkroom smell. maybe i'll rent out a different place. that would be cool. but expensive. humph.
after the arts fair, i wandered to the farmers' market to find flowers but to my dismay they were all packing up. i found the maclean clan and wandered downtown with them for a bit. i had a good talk with tracy, saw marie (!!), april, and a few other people i love to say hi to, then chillaxed with bakehouse coffee with a kristina.
i went to work at 2. i forgot days at work could be so incredibly chilled out. no one lost a level, no one flipped out, no one had trouble going to bed, it was perfect all in all. i did get schooled in rummy by a couple of 16 year olds though. MAN!!

i have weird tans on my feet...the keens i wear all the time are plotting against me.
possible 7 hour drive today. oooooweeee not looking forward to it.

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cassie beer said...

I went downtown Saturday with hopes of buying some Farmer's Market blueberries and strawberries, but they were all packed up when I got there, too. That's the pits.

I'm sort of in love with that picture myself. Probably one of my favorite things about Chicago is seeing street performers.