Monday, November 8, 2010

a lesson in time management...

I've been threatening/planning to do this for a long time.
i finally spent some time figuring it out.

i sat this morning and counted up days.
i have been dying to know how many days i've really been at home in the last calendar year. i took the liberty of also calculating how many days i've worked too.

so. there are 312 days of this year gone so far.
80 days were spent in travel mode. that's 25%.
this leaves 232 days left that i was in bloomington for a full day.
200 days of the days i was home for a full day, I was working. that's a solid 65% of my FREE days I was working.
32 days, I was off. that's only about 10%.
(however, i only counted the days when i worked but didn't travel up until work or travel after leaving work. if you count those days that overlap (there are 14), i actually worked approximately 214 days, which is about 69% of my year so far i've spent working).

simple breakdown is:
65 percent of my year was spent working.
25 percent was spent traveling.
10 percent was spent having days off at home.

this is all so crazy to me.
i can't decide if i should reevaluate how i spend my time, or try for more travel days and less days "off" next year!
life is good.

this is a little of what my time management got me this weekend in michigan:

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