Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i abandoned the blog in favor of life. whoopsy-doodle. anyway.

spent some time in the nasty 'nati, cincy, watching (and photographing) some races for the UCI weekend. the boy got two big wins (yay) and i failed at capturing victory salutes, my bad. also, i'm sorry the photos are shitty resolution; i'm sans macbook currently and all the fullsize photos are on there so here's little ones.


cincy at like 9:30 (i'm such a grandma lately):

and cincy at around 6:30 (a serious SERIOUS elderly person):

no one else in the room was functioning at that hour, though. i'm a big fan of this:

aaaaaaaaand sunday at harbin park:

zee erik:


(chartier lookin fastfast):


fred rose, killin it:

god DAMN this kid was ballin outta control:

get well soon to knapp and sherer, they both went down and did their collarbones in the last race.

i want my bike to be done. i just wanna ride something anything, it's been like 2 weeks and i think i'm dying.

also i need to do something for me, photoing i mean. i like the actionay stuff but i need to go out again with me or with some people and just SHOOT. and i'd like to do some film because i can afford to have it developed. hahahha it's funny because it's true.

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