Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i'm shelling out and buying erik's old cross bike.
and i'm stoked to try it out. i think i'll like it.
off to cincy for racing next time.

"last song" by matt pond PA just appeared on my itunes shuffle. i like it. shuffle win.


talked to kevin via ichat tonight. OMG his kitten is adorable. i just wrote "OMG" and "adorable". write it down, that happens about as often as i cry.

oh man, i must look bored.... dr dre was on the itunes as i'm sitting here at the lab doing nothing, and some random lab-goer said "thug. do you like rap? you should check out this website." and then directed me here, which has proven to be most amazing. win.
erik visited. awesome.

and i just got hungry.
....for a cookie. OH I HAVE ALMOND JOYS.

i'm not on crack, i promise.

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