Saturday, October 24, 2009

i feel a little older every day.
*i got mildly excited when i walked into bed bath and beyond (for ABSOLUTELY no reason. and don't worry, i bought nothing. pillows were too expensive).
*i'm planning vacations around a work schedule and with friends... like when everyone decides to get together in vegas or something, byrnsie and i are getting together in LA.
*thinking ahead
*the fact that i want a week just to do NOTHING. (i've never been very good at that; i'm always moving and always wanting to do exciting things)
*getting a new job with a job title that isn't self-explanatory (i'm a "residential coordinator" for the youth services bureau)
*mailing wine as a gift for a birthday.

i should have done the hilly today; i just didn't feel like it. i didn't really have anyone to go out with anyway.
erik won his race today! wish i could have been there, but i'll be there in l-ville tomorrow.
long ride today. it felt good.
life right now is amazing. but it's also lacking something. i'm lacking close friends. i like that i can see everyone and go take trips to them, but i'm achy for some friends i can see every day.

angie's birthday week continues tonight with her parentals. oh man i'm excited! 

i'm going to take some photos. of myself, quite obviously.
i also decided that i'm going to do something i've never done every day this week. i'm stoked.

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inquisitive minds do ask said...

new job?? where?

I'm getting so pumped for our trip. and it's still 2.5 months awayzzz. i just can't wait.

i am also lacking. i feel you.