Wednesday, January 13, 2010

doors seem to open nicely, but i wish they'd open to something i could get paid to do. like, i'm super stoked to get this internship, but it's going to be at a time when it prevents me from working at all on fridays and mondays. wish i could get paid more. and not feel like i'm stretched thin all the time.

jared made me feel better last night when i was feeling all useless... he told me how people at the shelter have bragged that i've caught on so fast and that i'm so good there. it was nice to know people notice/that i'm not terrible (cause i just feel like i still have things to learn there, lol).

i decided i'm not going to do anything special/crazy for my birthday (it's comin up fast!)... christmas is still my favorite holiday, it's all good. i just want to spend it with people i love (and maybe sleep in a little bit too).

i'm getting a little fidgity. i get that way, i like lots of change and whirlwind crazy things happening all the time, lots of traveling. i think i'll get my fill in summer when i'm going to erik's races all over again, but lately i've just been FIDGETY. i'm going to LA so that's going to take care of my travelbug for awhile. plus, i need to start saving money again, so it'll be good to fall into a non-travel mode (and spend more time with the erik, yay)!

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