Friday, January 1, 2010

it's 2010.
let it be.

that said, i can't decide what to say about 09. it gave me lots of good things and a few not so good things. off the top of my's some firsts.
i had my first broken bone this year.
i had my first surgery this year.
i broke up with someone (on my end) for the first time this year.
i got my first adultish "real" job this year.
i quit a job for the first time this year for said real job (instead of being fired or working a temporary seasonal job).
i moved in with people i had never met for the first time ever.
i used twitter for the first time.
i did a bike race for the first time (l5 doesn't count, it's not real).
i shot a wedding for the first time.
i shot athleticness for the first time (yay bike races).

2010 will see:
my first time in california.
my first cohabitation (yay).
my first (and only) college degree.

stay tuned.

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