Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i'm back.

well, i never really left, i guess.
i started a new year, started back in classes, went back to two jobs instead of one, and just got BUSY. too busy.

i've been feeling just...bored in general. no travel, no money, no real way to do much else but work (which i also think is thanks largely to a dreary indiana winter.... here's hoping this is my LAST one of these atrocious snowy messes).
but being bored always lets up, you know... and tonight i had another realization: i'm becoming boring. which was a terrifying thought.
gotta pick up a camera, gotta create, gotta dance around... i gotta make something of all this i have inside of me.

today is my day.

i just want to do everything.
this is me, getting back to my end goal of always being happy.
and, of course, creating an actual endless summer. (it IS possible)

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