Wednesday, January 5, 2011

so blogger has this fun feature that you can tell where traffic is coming to your site from, if it was referred. this includes google searches. i enjoy reading the things people search for that lead them here. today/yesterday, someone searched for " cutter family". it reminded me of something i think everyone should read, particularly those who harbor needless bad feelings towards the cutters (ahem, 75% of the commenters on Bloomington Velo-News). when i was doing the updating of my blog right after little 5, i posted this entry and i feel it more strongly now than ever. maybe that's what whoever was trying to find, i don't know.

i was going to start a new thing on new year's that i did this certain photo thing every day.
apparently i'm incapable of STARTING resolutions, let alone keeping them going.

also, i needed to book a room in the IMU, as we're getting hitched about 10 feet from the union, buuuut they're all full. now i found a place called the showers inn, but have never heard of it, nor heard anything good or bad about it. research, morrre research, argh! it never ends.

i'll leave you with the only photo erik managed to sneak into last night when i was playing with photobooth... the man hates cameras pointed at him... and it had to be one covering my face(s?).


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