Thursday, January 6, 2011


I remember when late-night used to be late but lately its getting earlier and earlier. I guess its just a product of age but I always heard you're only as old as you feel and if that's really true I must be around 12.

I'm itching to get away. This time last year I was getting ready to spend a week in L.A. but I think I have to wait until March. 4 days backpacking in Arizona at the canyon is worth the wait, I guess but it just seems so far away.

At some point last spring I felt this... this ripping inside myself. I don't know what caused it or what precisely changed because of it, but I know I felt it. It started quietly, gradually, and slowly it went from a slight lack of balance to an all out tug of war. I feel it again now.

I just had this abrupt thought to myself that I've shared quite enough of my thought process... I'd have handwritten this but I was unable to locate a pen.

Big ideas are brewin. Big stuff. I need a new project, this was a useful brainstorming session.... welcome to my brain; may you never get lost in here.

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Kate Laudermilk said...

First of all, free couch here in Portland.

Second, you are not a loser for ending your late nights early. Sleep is amazing. I love happy hour because I can be asleep by 9pm. No joke. I like to go to bed early and wake up early. It's fantastic. Think of it as more creative time.

Third, whenever winter gets you down, search deep down to remember the feeling you get in Bloomington once the track opens. Even if you're not riding on that track, the entire feeling of Bloomington changes. The air smells different, spring is coming, and everything is right with the world.