Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i spent last saturday at the Boulder reservoir, and got to watch the fabulous Katie Compton school the entire field of the elite women's cyclocross race (as usual, she's a beast). plus, it was so great to go to such an awesome race and it was only ten minutes from our house! WIN!

can i just say.... i cannot believe i live in colorado.
in case anyone hadn't guessed, erik and i made a major life change.
erik got offered a job at university bikes and it was the reason we'd been waiting for to move out of indiana.

anyone that knows me will know... i love all things as they were; i might be the most nostalgic person you've EVER met. film will always trump digital for me, my grandma's christmas ornaments from the early 1900s are a few of my most cherished possessions, and the day my aunt gave me her old record player was the greatest ever.
this transition was harder for me than i ever thought possible, probably because of my severe nostaligism (i made that word up; i definitely have that condition). who would think that moving to a state where the sun shines for more than 300 days a year would cause me so much grief?

all i have to say is...
thank goodness for skype.
i've never had a real reason to use it before, but now i relish my little alycin skype date breakfasts and all the times i call kristen on skype and she's not fully dressed.

i'm just spreading out the love over the whole country now.

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