Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, we kind of got married backwards of how everyone else does it; normally, everyone gets to go to the ceremony, and then less people go to the reception because it expensive to feed and water everyone... we did it the other way around; very few people got to be at our ceremony (i'm thinking that it was right around 20 people all said and done, but EVERYONE got to go to the afterparty.

The point of all this is that not everyone knows that we wrote our own vows, and we both thought of them probably less than 24 hours before we actually did the getting married thing. Obviously, e-ham had to show me up and have more thought-out, longer vows than i did... but my vows have been in my thoughts a lot recently, especially this week. It was very simple for me; I said, "Every day is full of triumphs and tragedies, and, whether it be a triumph or tragedy, I will be by your side every day."

I've been thinking about all of this just in terms of how life works, and this week has been the epitome of little triumphs followed by tragedies. I'm working on balancing it all out with each other, because tragedies tend to draw out much more sorrow from me than the amount of joy that comes with triumphs. It's been so incredibly up and down lately... I was elated early this week when I got a third and fourth interview for this incredible job, and crushed beyond belief when I got my rejection for that job on Friday. We were fortunate enough to go to the Garmin-Cervelo Team Presentation on Thursday; we also went to Colorado Springs to visit Caroline and Clayton Friday and Saturday, but the realization that my unemployment wasn't enough to sustain activities for me beyond bills hit hard right as we were leaving (also known as it ran out for the week, AHH!).

Every day is filled with little triumphs and tragedies, and I am really working hard to make all of those little triumphs far outweigh the little tragedies we encounter.
Things will work out, this I know. I'm adhering to the philosophy that "you can't miss what you never had" when things don't work out the way I wanted them to.

Little triumphs for the week include discovering what kind of monster really resides in the attic (Ralph the squirrel) and Carter's homemade (and improvised!) pumpkin pie, and the puppies loving on each other, erik and clayton racing together once again, and time spent with good friends in Colorado Springs. Celebrate my triumphs with me.


Robin Yourgrave said...

Seriously. If Dean and I ever decide to tie the knot, we're getting eloped and having the biggest party of the century. There's no use spending all of that time and money on a ceremony that lasts twenty minutes (if that).

polity of man said...

saving all the monay for the partay is the way to go. oh, and pictures. very important. haha.