Tuesday, September 29, 2009

anxiety... not enough riding + too much eating (and drinking) bad things = a terrible plan.

lately all my large decisions come at one specific point, and with force. like i just realized/decided that i need a new job. i don't hate the one(s) i have (i mean, thank goodness i have a job anyway, right), they're just so... noninteresting and nonchallenging.

i want to start trail running. i know that's weird because i usually dislike running in all forms but i've been pondering it and i think it'd be all right. plus i've had a lack of nature in my life that only going into the woods can fix, and it's officially fall so it's going to be scenic runs, hurray. i want these.

i feel crazy. insane. in the best way possible. it's only getting better, every day.

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Hello. And Bye.