Monday, September 7, 2009

long weekend in detroit with some minor and major mishaps. nothing ever goes exactly according to plans anyway, right?
the schedule was hectic. i drove from bloomy to detroit from 11:30 to 5:15 am, worst longest drive ever. got up at 8 and got ready, and headed to the bridal luncheon at 10:30 in grosse pointe. went from the luncheon to the rehearsal and then to the rehearsal dinner and then finally back to the hotel at like 11:30. up again the next day at 7, to the hairdresser, then the church, the reception, and the afterglow.
it was lovely overall and in general.... photos soon when i get them all edited.
(grandma had an accident on the church altar. and that's the most disturbing thing that happened).

it was also sooooooo amazing to get to see my bestie, ms erin byrnes.

it was nice to come home to my favorite place. and my favorite people.

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