Thursday, September 3, 2009

i'm a big fan of the last of the mohicans. don't judge me.
GREAT soundtrack. also a GREAT movie. with amazing scenery.
and just so we're all on the same page, i am not impressed by daniel day-lewis' man boobs and/or lack of a shirt.

i decided i need a fisheye/wideangle lenses. good plan.

i had this thought that i can't imagine how the family i'm sitting for does it all; three kids, a puppy, school, soccer, piano, full time jobs (one's a tenure track professor). i've never relished alone/quiet time so much in my life, ha.

detroit tomorrow/tonight. ewwwww and i've got to go to big red too tonight. blagh. maybe i can get out of going to big red. 

in other good news, i had a mcgriddle for breakfast. omg yes.

i just saw a commercial for lifelong literacy about exploring new worlds by reading books. too bad they used footage from the chronicles of narnia movie or some other movie like that. translation: they're telling kids to read books, only they don't actually have to because we keep making movies out of them, rendering the actual reading and imagination parts useless. great.

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Krista said...

The book very true! I think its lame that they're making all these books into movies. Most of the time they arent even close to the actual story itself lol. Its just all about the $$