Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i think i worry too much. resolution to stop that. done.
lots to do today. POST OFFICE. so important. AND drop off the YAL photo drive. muy importante.

meera's back on the grid :-D i've missed that girl.
we went a-to yogi's last night, and also managed to see and hang out with kevin there; such a baller, my fav professor ever. he took some photos. you know. tried 2 new beers and an old favorite and only paid for two of them. happiness comes with knowing your bartenders and your bartenders' friends.

had fazoli's with corey. (AND saw adam. double whammy.)
i hate it. everything was fine. but i always feel like i have someplace better to be. i guess it's because i do. i just feel as though i come off as a bitch, which i don't mean to. i guess i didn't though.

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