Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh man. (you know it's rough when) i'm making mid-day coffee.

urn burnz and i keep crossing wires and missing each others' calls.
speaking of erin (kind of).... plane tickets are bought and paid for.
oregon december 3-7. WIN.

might go pro tomorrow morning and ride early. that would make me happy. among many other things that make me happy.

i end every week and go "man next week is going to be so slow, i'm glad things are calming down after this week." and then by tuesday i feel like the week is again another crushingly busy one. i need a week of doing nothing. NOTHING but what i want to do. (that wouldn't work either because i don't know how to relax).

worked 12 hours yesterday at brl. gross.
8ish more today with the kids.
then....chili tostadas. mmhmm.

i'm in need of a social outing. a big one. with a lot of friends. OHMAN cricketts is visiting this weekendddd! yay.

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JP said...

Back in the day, many moons ago, when I worked downtown I used to skip out of work and go catch a movie at the Circle Center Mall...

Fun times...