Thursday, September 10, 2009

back to me, please. i'm there.
to do soon:
dye my hair. it's about that time to go full on ginger again.
tatted. been talking about it too long and not doing it.
flying lesson. i'm going to have one soon. (p.s. i already reserved the plane and date [it's on october 9th]. win)
new photo project. it's gross but amazing. people like to look at grotesque stuff.... it's like driving by a car wreck; no one likes it, but everyone stares. more deets to come (and maybe just a little sampley mcgee if i get something good shot in the next few days).

also, i went all multitasky yesterday and took benji with me while i shot some somethin somethin for the YAL group, thanks to andrew sharp in new mexico for helping me out with this one. select few:

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