Sunday, September 13, 2009

our old landlord, the really cool one, is suing us. not cool anymore.

everyone in my current apartment complex is having a fit because of parking spaces. it's not hard at all. park in your fucking spot and i'll park in mine. but now we're having wars via rude notes left on cars because they parked in our spot so i had to park in theirs and it's all just stupid crap. grow up. i mean, i guess if i lived in a place with adults all around me, we wouldn't have this problem. instead, all my neighbors are 19 and 20 years old and irrational and think they're entitled to everything because mommy and daddy pay for it. they're also all chain smokers, if that speaks at all to their (supreme lack of) intelligence.

somehow i woke up before 8 today. i keep doing that.
i also watched tv this weekend. weird. i never do that.
i'm having another one of those moments where almost everything is right in the world. well, in my world, anyway.
those are amazing moments where i get to realize how great everything is.
they're also scary moments, because they're usually followed by something going massively wrong. hopefully not this time.

also, my bike and i are having a lot of quality time lately. which i'm stoked about. also, my knee has been bothering me on and off lately, which i'm not so stoked about. good ride with angie yesterday. mmyes.

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